October Feast!


So, I know nothing about St. Pat’s, barely pass as an Irish-ish-descendant, and still have one entire day each year dedicated to drinking beer and eating cabbage and meat. I realized it was time this October to honor my somewhat-German-roots by… drinking beer and eating cabbage and meat.


Anyway, we hosted a small Oktoberfest! But we called it OctoberFEAST because it was as much about the food. Which, by the way, sauerbraten is delicious. Juniper berries, however, were a pain to locate in our local snooty grocery store. But worth it, for the recipe. (Best to avoid though, if you don’t want your house to smell like vinegar for a day.)

My own contribution to the festivities was limited. My husband did most of the cooking and work. I’m a terrible hostess. I rented Eurotrip for entertainment. I didn’t even remember that the whole movie is about them trying to get to Germany, that was just luck. I also made german-chocolate cake, which is apparently not German. Who knew??

Well, my friends, apparently…

I also made this nifty little graphic:


And then failed to show it to anyone or use it! I thought, “hey, I could totally create a design for the get-together, treat it like a classy little dinner party, it would be so cute and ‘pinterest-y’!” And then I didn’t do any of it, because I was too busy cleaning house like a mad-woman on a rampage. Who has time for cute party decor, really?! I bought a trio of tiny decorative squashes on the juniper berry hunt and that was going above-and-beyond, for me. (Let’s just be honest, this isn’t going to be that kind of blog.)

But I’d say the Fest was a success, all the same!

October is the best!


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