Getting Down to Business


When I decided to start Summer Child Designs, I thought it would be something I’d wade into slowly and carefully. Maybe just get my feet wet and see how it feels…and go from there.

This week I think it’s safe to say I’ve dived in.

I knew this work was for ideal for me because it is something I am actively doing as much as I am thinking about it.  I enjoy the process, I love the work. It’s challenging and creative and entertaining… But I enjoy a lot of things, and can be creative in a lot of ways. So what’s the difference?

The difference is paperwork.

Let me put it this way — I had for years considered and thought about going to grad school for philosophy. But when it came to actually doing the work, taking the GRE, applying to schools. Nope, no thanks. I just never did it, even if at the time I thought it was what I was meant to do. Yet for Summer Child Designs, I’m actually doing the paperwork. I’m doing the research and making the contacts and spending afternoons reading IRS and tax forms (things I’m pretty sure they don’t teach you in art school, but totally should!). I mean, somethings don’t change — if I ever need a values statement it will probably declare my aversions to talking on the phone, as a general rule. But fortunately there is email and FAQs pages, form instructions and discussion boards. It all sounded completely overwhelming, and incredibly official, but I remain undeterred. I’m doing this legit.

Because you never know what you are capable of, when you are willing to learn and take things one step at a time. And from here…well, the water’s  fine.


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