Today is New Year’s Eve…Eve!
I’m pretty excited, as this is one of my favorite holidays. I’m generally fearful of the “unknown” (which is like, everything), but not on New Year’s Eve/Day. I love the promise of hope that it brings and the possibilities.

Plus, resolutions are the best! I know I can’t control the coming year and all that it will bring. But I can set intentions and focus on certain priorities (and turn it into a list! Yay!). This year may have been… tumultuous… but personally, I had a great year as far as resolutions go. I started doing yoga…again and again and again. But I keep at it. That’s something… I also joined a gym (and occasionally go when my friend makes me!). And I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world from reading more, studying languages, and through meditation.

Last but certainly not least, I had intended to open an Etsy shop before the end of the year. I wish I could say I had achieved this one, I really do. However, I am still mighty pleased with how this goal has turned out, even if it didn’t happen the way that I expected. Okay, so I didn’t get my store up and running yet. But I did start a business! (I did NOT see that coming!) And the Etsy shop will happen soon! I’ve come a long way from just doodling Disney characters after work, if I do say so myself. So, these are all mini-victories that I will be able to celebrate with a glass of bubbly champagne tomorrow night.

Resolutions are great, because they aren’t promises that we can try anything and will succeed. But they are the hope that we can try anything.

And that is worth celebrating.


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