Same Site, New Look!


When I decided to create the website for Summer Child Designs I used my fairly serious customer service business voice. I thought that was what I needed, since I was trying to start a business after all. So I wanted to keep it sleek and professional, albeit still kind of “business casual.” And I was really proud of it. Look at me, doing stuff for real and serious! But every time I was ready to sit and write and update the blog, I struggled to think of anything worthwhile to say, especially lately. Everything seemed counter to the look and feel of this site I had worked so hard to create (well, only kind of hard, but still).

As it turns out, I’m not an abstract business entity. I’m not perfect. It’s just me. And I’m a messy, goofy artist. It’s time to start acting like one!

I mean, what was I thinking — business casual?? I know some people love the idea of wearing a suit everyday, but not me. I love my baggy, hole-y jeans that should probably have been thrown away ages ago. That and my flannel. Oh man, flannel is the best…I’m lucky it’s “on-trend” or whatever. I’d wear it anyway, but now it looks like I tried. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, anyway, if you haven’t already noticed the site has a new look!

I’m much happier with this one. It’s kind of “crafty” which is almost too far the other direction, but I think this lands a lot closer to “if I was a website what would I be” than it was before. I think it’s comfy, like workin’ in pajamas. Plus, you can now easily access the latest posts, sign up for email notifications (if you haven’t already), and it includes convenient links to the Facebook page and Society6 shop… all from the home page! (I do like being somewhat organized, after all).

I hope you like it!


P.S. – If you are using a mobile device to view this, admittedly it may not look much different at all. Sorry, I’m an illustrator not a web-wizard!

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