Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail?


About a few weeks ago I bought a planner. I loved having a desk calendar at my last job. It was pretty much the only way to ensure I would get stuff done. But now my desk space is at a premium, between my computer, the stacks of reference materials, tax paperwork that needs to be filed, and drawing supplies, I decided to shake things up and get a notebook planner.

I love staying organized, as best as I can. Even if it doesn’t necessarily help me get things done, I like the visual reminders and progress statuses for my ever-growing to-do list.

…and yet I’ve already stopped using it. Fail.

I’ve seen on those other blogs — you know, the ones where they have their life together (or at least certainly seem to) — I keep hearing about Bullet Journaling. And I have/had no idea what they are talking about. Is that just a fancy millennial word for a to-do list? C’mon now.

Today, with nothing on my calendar (I think), I decided to see what they have been actually talking about. I found this article on BuzzFeed, “WTF is a Bullet Journal and Why Should You Start One?” And now I’m SUPER intrigued. It looks like a specific (but also customizable?) format for organizing a to-do list, calendar, and journal/diary into one notebook system. Everything in one place? I dunno… too good to be true, right?

But since this is like almost the opposite of one of those lifestyle blogs, I turn to you, dear reader. What systems do you use to keep organized? Do you Bullet Journal? Or are you as intrigued as I am?


P.S. – Since publishing this, I noticed one of my favorite blogs, Bad Yogi, wrote about Bullet Journaling too! For another take on what it is, check it out here.

4 thoughts on “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail?

  1. What works for me won’t work for you but I know you’re visual, so what about a white board on your wall since your desk can’t handle a calendar. 😉 Simple – I suggest doing whatever is simple and easy. 🙂


    1. Oooh, good idea! I already have a really small one, and a cork-board. I should definitely hang those up! 🙂

      I set-up a bullet journal yesterday, and so far it seems fairly simple. The hardest part was figuring out how I wanted to set it up. But I like that it’s more versatile than a traditional planner.


  2. A Bullet Journal is awesome. Get yourself a notebook with graph or dot-grid lined paper, figure out a format for what you want to track, and get doodling! Seriously, you can customize it however you like, and it gives you a chance to get creative. I used one at my last job and although I didn’t do all the doodling that some do, having a system that I customized how I liked it and tracked what I needed (without extra crap), really helped me keep organized and remember to do things (and finish things that I hadn’t marked off yet!). Look up some inspiration if you are thinking about it!

    … Now that I think about it, I should really start doing this again. lol.


    1. That’s awesome that it was actually helpful! That is super encouraging, since I spent most of yesterday in a pinterest rabbit hole of bullet journaling ideas. I set mine up in an empty sketchbook since that’s what I have laying around, and it seemed to work out okay. I don’t think I’ll do anything super crazy with decorating it, but it was kinda fun to try different styles of hand lettering, just because. Lol


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