Show & Tell

I entered my first art show!

Okay, technically, it’s my second show. The first was a small exhibit at the community center, while I was in high school. I took my family to see it and quickly realized my work was no where to be found. They accidentally forgot to include it or something. Neat.

So unless that happens again, this will be the first time my work is shown in public!

And I’m terrified!

I’m trying to remind myself that what I’m feeling is much more likely excitement than anxiety, but it’s tough to tell. Maybe I’ll know for sure when it’s over…

I actually have to muster up some courage each and every time I share my work on Instagram, Facebook or Etsy. EVERY TIME. It is never done spontaneously. I couldn’t handle it… Well, I’d handle it about as well as I am– knowing my work is moving from a tiny corner of the internet to a physical wall somewhere.

Plus, this wall happens to be in a particular building near a specific neighborhood during a prominent art event. An event that I only dreamed of participating in as a undergraduate art-school-drop-out-turned-philosophy-student.

I’m trying not to think about that part at all.


One thought on “Show & Tell

  1. It will be great but all of those feelings are normal. You don’t care what anyone thinks about you otherwise, carry that confidence over to this. Your work is clever, fun, and originally you. Own it! Passed a little art fair today where we are and much of it was home made items. Was thinking with a tent and 8 or 9 of my blankets and I could enter. We should do it together! 😉 Hank and Hank Jr 2.0. 😉

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