Hello Fall?

Hello Fall

I don’t think I’m the only one who equates September with the start of all things Fall. I know that you know that this is the unofficial beginning to the pumpkin spice latte season…

But the more I think about it, the more I am becoming convinced that September is actually a mash-up of some of the best parts of Summer and Fall.


Kids are back in school. Sure, the bus stop in the middle of my commute is kind of a bother, but in exchange I get to walk around Target in the middle of a weekday and enjoy a relaxing experience.

It’s not too cold for farmers’ markets to disappear yet. It’s also, in theory at least, getting cool enough for the orchards to open. I’m too lazy to do either, but if fresh produce is your thing, September is definitely a great time for both! Cheers to bountiful harvests!

Speaking of “cheers” — if it’s hot out, a radler beer is a refreshing and still-available choice. If it’s a cooler day, bring on the Oktoberfest… Try your best to save the pumpkin beers for next month (if you can wait that long)!

The days are still long-ish. Well, longer than they will be in a month or so. One the rare days I feel particularly social, I can go out and enjoy a nice late evening dinner with friends. But if I just really want to go to bed early at like nine, I can without having a brilliantly bright sunset mocking me for being so old. So that’s definitely a win-win.

Basically, September is a last-call to enjoy all the things remaining on your Summer to-do list. But it’s also a great time to get into the spirit of Fall and plan for cooler weather, warmer drinks, and enjoying that bit of calm before the flurry of holidays at the end of the year.

Well done, September!

One thought on “Hello Fall?

  1. I long to wear a jacket so badly!!!! But at the same time am sorry to see the pools close knowing I never got in one all summer!


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