This year I feel particularly sensitive to the changing of seasons — and not just thanks to my allergies. It seems as if the bright red and yellow leaves are nature’s caution that it’s time to slow down, and consider my transition into Winter.

Inktober seemed to echo this message. The dailiness of taking note of what makes Fall particularly cozy not only was a drawing challenge, but a challenge to pay attention. A reminder of years past with campfires over a rather rainy and cold Halloween weekend. Mementos from a spontaneous weekend hike. Lots and lots of yummy food. Thick socks and warm sweaters… I’m not usually one who rises up to meet a challenge. Do you know how many 30-day yoga programs there are? A lot. And I’ve given up on a fair share. But this challenge, I really enjoyed and looked forward to each day.

But I’m glad to change things up now that it’s November. I’m ready to slow down and work on more involved projects. (And eat six pounds of Halloween candy.)

I know I’ve mentioned hygge briefly before, but I thought now would be an even better time to talk about it — you know, before winter is over. The concept of coziness, hygge, and the permission to rest, seems to me to be as important as ever. I never have as much energy in the Winter, and I’ve decided this year that just has to be okay.

I plan on crocheting more blankets, to go with the other piles of blankets on our couches. I hope to notice the little things and practice gratitude for the season, not just a day. I want to read as much as I can about the things that I enjoy. I will light wonderful, not-cheap candles that make our house smell like a magical forest. I am going to cook a lot of not-instant oatmeal and top it with honey and red plum jam, because it’s flippin’ delicious. (It’s also the peak of my cooking skills. And I actually enjoy the process… of slowly heating water.)

I’m not too worried about avoiding my cellphone to be present, although I’m trying to mindful of how often I’m on social media for no reason. I also don’t really care about how cozy the lighting is — currently the chandelier over our dining table (and main light for our living room) is burned out and I have no idea when we’ll fix it. Not a priority, we have lamps.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to slow down and transition from the energy of Summer to the stillness of Winter. It would be counter-intuitive to stress about relaxation, and whether I’m doing it right, or following the rules of hygge. But I’m definitely going to try.


What are your favorite traditions for Fall? Do you do anything to specifically adjust to the coming shorter days? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Transition

  1. I love this!!! I too need to give myself permission to slow down in the fall no matter what my calendar says otherwise! 😉 Some of my most treasured memories with you were long easy going walks and carefree conversations on Saturday mornings through leaf strewn trails. I’m going to enjoys some long walks this fall, the fresh air, and the warm memories of those days. Hopefully I can go another one of them with you when I am home. I’ll bring my crochet too! 😉

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