A Summer Survey

Original photo credit: Marisa Harris / Unsplash

I thought I’d shake things up a bit this month, I hope that’s okay!

First, I want to offer my gratitude.

Like any community, the internet is not an inherently welcoming place. We all have the opportunity to participate and share, but there is no guarantee for how it will be received. In the time that I’ve been blogging and sharing my art, I’ve been fortunate to only feel supported and encouraged by others. I do not take this for granted. I am incredibly grateful for every order, like, share, and comment (in person or online). I notice and appreciate it more than I can say. So instead let me just say, thank you!!

Second, I want to take a survey of sorts…

Whether you have just started following, or have been here from the beginning, I’m curious — what kind of content do you prefer to see here at Summer Child Designs?

I have a general idea of what kind of posts to share each month, and try to have a fairly specific area of focus. I tend to share general updates for what I’m working on, my attitudes on work in general, and in the Summer I tend to share a little reading list. That said, I’d love to know if there are any kinds of posts that you would like to see that I’m not currently doing…

There are other things I can talk about as an artist: more behind the scenes of how I work, art project tutorials, home decor ideas, and maybe even lifestyle or philosophy stuff. I would even be open to starting an unofficial book club – maybe even focusing on books about artists, or the “art world” if that’s something people are interested in…?

Basically, as we shift gears into Summer, now is a great time to let me know what you think! This blog, like my art, is always a work in progress. So if there is something I can do to be of more use (or more realistically– entertainment) in your inbox or feed, I would love to hear it!

Thank you again for your support!

Happy Summer!

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