Early Days

Original Photo Credit: Freestocks / Unsplash

The espresso machine
fills the cup
with dark, warm
It hums, it buzzes.
And soon,
so will I.

Sooo…I’ve started writing poetry!

It was something I had tried a bit last autumn on a whim. I literally have no memory of what compelled me to try to write that first poem. I know I had been reading a lot of poetry then — so I guess I’m just super impressionable that way? I don’t know…

Anyway, I stopped writing poems over the holidays. And then quarantine happened. I started reading poetry again, and in greater quantities than ever before. That basically encouraged me to start up writing again.

I genuinely love it — there is just something so interesting and challenging about poems. It lets me explore ideas and thoughts in a way I can’t always work through in my visual art. Plus, the process of writing poetry feels a lot like joy and contentment. And I don’t know about you guys, but I could use a bit more of both right now.

Maybe it weird to admit to it so early, but honestly, I’m hoping to turn my poems into a book! I’ve always wanted to write a book and I for some reason I thought that meant I had to write a novel… but I don’t actually like writing stories like that. I’ve tried! So, I never before considered there were other kinds of books to write — oops! …But now it feels like maybe this is something I can actually do! Yay!

It’s still very, very, early days for this project. So, I don’t know if I’ll use my artwork or create new artwork for the book, or skip including art altogether. But, I’m excited to have a new way to spend my time during the day. I still paint, make no mistake, but it’s hard for me to dedicate a whole day to painting or drawing. So, it’s been really nice to kind of follow a rhythm of moving between the two creative outlets throughout the day.

I know this will be a BIG project, and I’ve got a lot I’m learning about the process of writing and publishing. That said, in the meantime, I’m hoping to start sharing some of the more finished poems on my social media!

Originally, I was kind of embarrassed at the thought of sharing my poems (does this make me a poet now? an “instapoet”?? what is happening???) I’ve always considered myself an artist so sharing my art is very natural feeling. But sharing poems is so new and makes me nervous! But I’m going to do it anyway! And obviously, I hope you like them!

So let’s talk — have you started any new stuff during quarantine? Is there a hobby you’ve wanted to try but haven’t? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. – In case you need to hear it — you don’t OWE anyone discovering a new hobby right now or starting a big project or whatever. If the timing feels right, great! If it doesn’t, that is OKAY too! ❤

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