The Shallow End – August 2020

Original Photo Credit: Etienne Girardet / Unsplash

Hello… August?!

This last month I took a sort of mini-staycation from my art. I stopped working on any big pieces, and got back into a sketchbook habit. I was already working on figure drawing and learning how to draw people. But this time I really tried to focus and keep at it.

To keep my practice simple, I just started drawing bits of my day, as a sort of mini-selfie. Taking out the trash, working on puzzles, and laying on the couch. It’s been a fun, informal kind of project, and while I don’t do it everyday, I do keep coming back to it when it’s time to practice.

This month, I can already tell I’m shifting away from my abstracts temporarily and returning to my illustrations. My creativity ebbs and flows, and right now I’m just really having fun drawing (thanks sketchbook habit!). As a result, I’m wanting to work on some bigger drawings outside of my sketchbook… I’m working on a few landscape illustrations right now. Just sketching and inking for now, and will go back and add color with watercolors. I’m really enjoying each step of the process, and am excited to share the finished pieces!

In other news, sports are back…

Well, they’ve been back for a while now (Liverpoooool! You’ll Never Walk Alone!)… but now there are even more viewing options! Fun fact: the WNBA is awesome! Go Lynx! This is my first time watching them play, but I’m already hooked.

In theory, I even feel inspired to go outside and kick the ball around or shoot hoops… but also it’s really hot outside, so maybe I just keep watching the pros?

I just finished reading a book for the first time in what feels like ages. The Power of Ritual by Casper ter Kuile is totally awesome and I highly recommend it, if you are into that kind of thing. Basically, it’s a fascinating read about secular and religious rituals as a source of meaning and connection in the modern age. That’s totes my jam.

I’m also obsessed with the Lumberjanes comics. Coincidentally, I’m officially coping with quarantine by imagining that this is just really long summer camp. There are a variety of activities (friendship bracelets, anyone?), s’mores (if we could freakin’ get graham crackers — I guess we’re not the only ones with this idea), and I’m thinking about getting a vuvuzela in lieu of a bugle for the daily wake up call…

This is fine…we’re totally fine…

And I clearly never went to summer camp, unless watching The Parent Trap a million times counts…

I feel seen. ✨ Credit: Girls’ Night In on Instagram

Thanks for joining me in The Shallow End!

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