Make Yourself Comfortable

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Where I live was entirely gloomy, rainy, and nearly cold last week. Like, couldn’t-sleep-with-the-fan-on cold. Like, actually-wearing sweats-because-of-the-weather-and-not-the air-conditioner-running-non-stop cold…

So that’s it. I now declare it FALL.

I realize it doesn’t technically start yet (the 22nd maybe?). And I’m also blissfully disregarding that this week the forecast is warmer and nearly in the eighties… NO. IT IS FALL.

*Disclaimer: I also realize that weather is a fickle, location-based experience. So, maybe you’re thinking “yeah, that’s nice but I live at the beach” or “literally everything is fire here.” If the former, I’m nearly jealous, but incredibly sun-averse, but yay, how fun! If the latter, I AM SO SORRY. I hope it rains and you stay safe!!

Really, whatever the weather, it’s the middle of September, and it is now the time for Autumn, even if it’s only in our hearts! 😛

So here are my very simple, self-indulgent tips for staying super cozy and enjoying Fall. Oh, my credentials? For one, I’m still not over hygge (the Danish concept of coziness), and for years have been persistent in my quest for being cozy-comfy at home no matter the season. Also, feeling cozy is basically a requirement for me to make art anymore.

First up! Candles!

I grew up with pyramid-scheme candles in disgustingly strong scents that the sales reps would joke “this one smells like Mel Gibson.” (Yikes). So, I was pretty convinced I didn’t care for candles. I thought candlelight was pretty and cozy, but the smells? YIKES. I think I have a keepsake box I put some cucumber melon tealights in without thinking and it now reeks every time I open it. It’s awful… But, in the last few years I have learned about fancy, good-smelling candles that while kinda pricey are absolutely worth it. The scents are delicate and comforting, deep woodsy earthy smells, or light clean fragrances. Mmmmm, candles. I’m burning a giant Birch candle right now and it’s just wonderful.

So the Danes and I would both tell you — candles are cozy! They would say to skip the scents, but I say skip the smells of CHEAP candles. The nice ones are lovely and last quite a while! We stock up on a few from Archipelago every year. And this year, for late summer, I bought a candle from Otherland that smells like tennis balls. TENNIS BALLS! It’s cut grass, cucumber, and something else I don’t remember, and it really does kinda smell like tennis balls? Even though I’m normally scarred for life by those crap cucumber tealights, this one is wonderful! So yes, candles. (And obviously be safe and careful and stuff, because it’s comfy cozy but also it’s literally FIRE.)

Next up! Socks!

This one is especially important for the ladies. Y’all. Our socks are junk.

I recently bought some cheap casual men’s crew socks (basically the “fashion socks” for men). And they were SO THICK. SO COMFY. LIKE WHAT THE HECK?! My normal lady socks feel like tissue paper in comparison. I’m not saying I can wear men’s socks all the time…but we deserve thick socks!

Mr. Husband usually buys me a pair of fancy, thick, woolly women’s hiking socks for the holidays — to, let’s be honest, wear around the house like slippers. But now we know that a pair of regular ol’ men’s socks will do just fine!


Next! Food!

While it’s not quite winter chili season, it IS yummy pies, and soups, and heavier pasta season! I’m of the opinion that a meaty bolognese sauce is to Fall what pasta primavera is to Spring. (Okay, so bolognese doesn’t translate to Fall the way “primavera” is LITERALLY “Spring” but just go with it.)

And seasonally available veggies? Yes, please! I don’t know what they are because I don’t cook, but whatever they are, I say go for it! …Oh yeah! APPLES! It’s definitely the season for apples! Time to make an apple pie! Apple cake! Drink apple cider! SO GOOD! …Also now is the time for Oktoberfest! No really, Oktoberfest is in September! We definitely cook up brats and eat a lot of spaetzle this time of year, just because we can! It’s basically a mild tradition for us now, and it’s very cozy and very Fall! (Also, Oktoberfest is the best style of beer and deserves to be celebrated.)

So, if you don’t have a cozy Fall food tradition, may I politely suggest you make one up?!

Finally, the Danes would say that you can’t really “do” hygge by yourself. That you’ve gotta have your peeps with you, so you can all be cozy together… But I say it’s 2020 and I’m going to make it work, thank you very much.

In fact, I’d say that BECAUSE it’s 2020, hygge and coziness are even more important than usual. This year is not easy, and I’m going to do whatever I can to reasonably make it as comfortable as possible.

Even if you take none of my advice, I still hope this list inspires you to take a little time in these later months of the year to figure out ways to stay comfy and cozy at home. Whether it’s wearing men’s socks and sweats all day, everyday, or wearing make-up and heels for working at home. I don’t care! Just do you! I bet you already have things that make you comfy, but we’ve been at this year for a while now, so it’s totally okay to brainstorm and try new ways of showing up for yourself!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Fall?! Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Make Yourself Comfortable

  1. Not so much fall down here in South Padre Island, but it sounds lovely. I could still burn a candle, wear socks (due to air conditioner cold and cool tile) and cook or bake up something yummy and pretend. Always create a cozy fall kind of day, right? Nice blog!


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