The Shallow End – August 2021

After realizing last month that I most want to work on comic art, I actually made the adjustments to my work routines to reflect this shift in priorities. I’m doing the work!

I’ve started making new webcomics with my original characters. My goal is a new comic every two weeks. It’s slower than before, but I don’t want to rush it since I don’t have to. Quality over quantity, right?!

I’m still practicing manga drawing a bit. It’s all about exploring comics/cartoons/graphic novels. Learning from the genres and figuring out ways to incorporate the style in my illustrations, beyond strictly webcomics. It’s something I think I naturally gravitate to anyway, but now I’m trying to be more intentional about my studies and practices and how I spend my time. I think I tend to re-evaluate every few months or so, to make sure my work still reflects my goals. This just seems to be one of those times again, but I’m grateful for it.

My latest illustration! The Astronaut Bath!

Hopefully, eventually, I’ll find a way to naturally incorporate physical media in this journey. For right now, it’s been easier, and more satisfying to work digitally. I’d love to be able to watercolor and ink comic illustrations, but I’m not quite there yet! Long term goals are important too! 😉

It would help if I ever got my art studio space set up again, post move. (That’s not supposed to be a long-term goal!) We’re basically all unpacked, but my studio is a mess! Eek! I just don’t know how to organize the space yet. I had it set up one way just to get unpacked, but I’m thinking I’ll need to move everything around now that it’s all in there, so I can actually use the space for things like painting and printing my work. I can’t wait to share like a dedicated studio tour, but for now I have a few pictures of the wall hangings, because I at least love the way that part looks! So much art from some of my favorite artists to keep me super super inspired! Yay!

Otherwise, I’ve started watching a bit more anime. I started reading My Hero Academia, originally as art research and liked it, so I tried the anime. It’s a lot of fun! I think I like the show better, or at least they are so similar, I stopped reading the manga since we were already watching so much of the show. Interestingly, I started reading One Piece too, and I couldn’t get through the first episode! I definitely like the book better right now. Funny how that works.

Also, and this is a big deal — Love Island is back!!! Haha! You may not remember but last year I watched it for the first time and became obsessed! Well, now it’s back and it’s sooo good! I wasn’t sure I’d like this season, since that cast was so good. But nope, I’m hooked again and totally have a favorite couple, and provide daily recaps to Mr. Husband (who does not care at all, btw). It is still totally ridiculous cheesy summer TV but I love it. It’s better than the Bachelor, I promise! XD

So, I finished reading For the Winner, the Greek mythology inspired novel. As it turns out, I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would by the end. I still think it was beautifully written, but I realized there wasn’t as much character development as I would have liked. It felt rushed at the end too. Bummer. Still good, but not great. I picked up Daughters of Sparta to read next in the genre. It seems to be another Iliad retelling, alas (I want original stories please!) But I’ll give it a shot (aka it was on sale)!

I was also able to finish Abaddon’s Gate (Book 3 in The Expanse series) recently too. I had packed it during the move, so it had to wait. It’s dense though, I didn’t mind a bit of a break. I loved it though, and can’t wait to start book four! I love that it has such a balance between seems-at-least-plausible interesting science fiction world-building, and compelling human stories. I’m a sucker for a good space opera!

What are you reading and watching this summer?! Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for joining me in The Shallow End!

2 thoughts on “The Shallow End – August 2021

  1. I like the astronaut, also. There was a high-ranking artist in the 80s, 90s I’m not really sure when he died. But he had a reoccurring character in a lot of his paintings that reminds me of your astronaut. It was a hooded, sheeted character (NOT KKK) that was just sort of a triangular person beneath the material with goofy shoes that remind you of Micky Mouse attire. His name was Phillip Guston – look him up. Your repetition of the astronaut and the cartoon-type character that has greater, deeper meaning reminds you of his work. See if you see what I see in his work alongside yours. i.e. his face is never shown The astronaut is special. I agree with Hankgirl.


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