The Shallow End – September 2021


Oh my stars, it’s happening! I’ve finally submitted all the paperwork, setting up the business at the new place! Which means the Countdown to Relaunch is back on! YAY!

The goal right now is for my Etsy shop to reopen October 1st! I’m so excited! I will definitely be announcing when everything goes live!


I’m still trying to make time for working in my sketchbook, coming up with new illustrations, learning new techniques, and making my comics. It feels like a lot but so far I’m doing okay keeping my time balanced between all the different projects. Admittedly the sketching gets done after work, or over the weekend. But it’s so fun and relaxing, so can’t complain. Plus, I would hate if drawing became just a to-do list item, and not like, you know, my favorite?!

Additionally, I got my studio something resembling organized, so I have plenty of space for work and to get ready on reopening the shop. For a while, the cats had kind of turned the room into their designated nap area, so they aren’t too excited to share now. But they are managing just fine, I think…

One of the cats with a moose stuffed animal on the couch. 😍

I’m hoping I’ll get to do something like Inktober this year (the daily drawing challenge in October). I usually come up with my own theme, but I haven’t decided on one yet. I would love to finish it and turn it into a little book, but that seems like a giant project for maybe another time. But wouldn’t that be neat?! I think it is so cool when other artists do that. Hmmm.


So in my last newsletter I talked about Love Island. Apparently I didn’t specify which one. Definitely the UK version. I didn’t even think about the other ones! Oops! (Sorry Mom!) Still watching, think there is about a week left? There is about a week delay in streaming to the US, which means I’ve totally read spoilers because I’m weak and can’t handle the drama of this season…

Also, I can’t wait until October for our month long Halloween movie marathon! I mean, I’ve loved every bit of this summer (okay maybe not the new-to-us next-level humidity of the South, but everything else). I was outside like every day enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. But now I’m so looking forward to blankets and sweaters and candles and scary movies. Yay!


As a last hurrah for summer I finally read Beach Read. I’m a sucker for a good rom-com! This one was just okay though. Well written, interesting set-up and story, but I just didn’t love it. Oh well. It happens. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. Eh.

Now I’m back into The Expanse series, after that mini-break for something a bit lighter. Cibola Burn! Anyway, I’ve just gotten into it, and so far so good. We’ll see! Part of me is like, maybe this book will be chill and just follow the characters on like a happy little mini adventure, but then I’m like, that’s not really a story is it? So, yeah, it’s gonna be a mess… I can’t wait! Haha.

Thanks for joining me in The Shallow End!

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