January 2022 Newsletter

Hello January!


This is a big one! I’ve closed my Etsy shop!

But…what?! I just re-opened it!

Indeed. But with it back open, I’ve remembered just how involved (and expensive) running and Etsy shop can be…

And I’d rather be making my art!

So what now?!

I am now an artist on INPRNT! If you aren’t familiar, it’s a site for artists to sell art prints. I applied over the holiday and was accepted! I love a lot of the artists that sell on INPRNT already, and have ordered prints there before. It’s definitely quality! They only do prints, which is my main focus so most of my NEW work will be available on INPRNT. Speaking of, this month’s shop update is on INPRNT now! Check out my INPRNT shop here!

For most everything in my Etsy shop, its now been moved over to Society6 and is available as mini prints! I haven’t updated my Society6 shop since I stopped doing surface pattern design work, but I do love Society6’s products (I legit have so many of my own mugs and throw pillows around the house, is that bad?). Plus, while most of my illustration work will go on INPRNT, I do like that with Society6 I can offer new mugs or home goods (or even puzzles now?!), which can be a lot of fun! Check out my Society6 shop here!

I’m really excited for this fresh start to the new year!


I’m so excited to be able to focus on making art again this year. For me, that looks like a lot of courses online (I’m slowly working through about half a dozen right now), working in my sketchbooks (gonna try to draw everyday… mostly), and creating new art!

I recently came up with a list of 12 illustrations that I want to make… Mostly because I thought I’d need a portfolio to apply to INPRNT (I didn’t) and I wanted to challenge myself to make new work in my newer style for the portfolio… Anyway, I still think its a neat idea. I’ve created like art checklists when doing pattern designs. But I’ve never planned out a collection for illustrations… So I’m still gonna try it!

Its going to be a handful each of: landscapes, character driven illustrations (I’m thinking very comic book like and fantasy or scifi inspired), single panel comics with my comic characters, and some cuter kawaii style pieces (dunno what yet! But its gotta be cute!).

I have no idea how long it will take to make that all, but I’m excited to focus on it and get started!


I did it! I have finally read The Eye of the World, the first book in The Wheel of Time. FINALLY. And it was actually pretty good?

I’ve started the next book in the series already, which is promising. But I’m sure I’ll have to take many breaks. I’ve still got The Expanse to work though, among many others…

I also read the first Hellboy omnibus graphic novel on a whim. Knew nothing about it, but I liked the cover art. Oh man, it’s so fun! I didn’t expect a gothic noir beat ’em up. But its perfect. Story is wild, art is unbelievable. So excited to keep reading the series!


If you remember, I started reading The Eye of the World again because I was so hype for The Wheel of Time TV show trailer…

Well…we watched it…

It’s not great?

I might watch season 2 because Moiraine and Lan are awesome. I like the cast. And its a very pretty fantasy show. And we don’t get many fantasy shows… But also, its just not good. I can deal with changes for adaption, but they are so much easier to deal with when they actually make sense. Yikes. But it makes the book seem extra good in comparison! So that’s nice…

Also, being in the South for the holidays this year has been wild. It’s been weird being away from friends and family, to be sure. But also we spent the whole time sitting outside, and going on hikes in the very humid, still very warm weather? I know I’m not supposed to be surprised by it. I didn’t expect a snowy Christmas, but I also didn’t expect shorts weather either. The locals seem to think this is unusual, so I don’t feel bad also thinking it’s very weird… I mean, I’m gonna enjoy it. But I’m also ready for the supposed cold weather that should be arriving any time now!

Hope you have all had a delightful holiday! Happy New Year!!

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