The Shallow End – July 2020

Hello July! While I’m still not comfortable with re-opening my shop just yet, I’ve recently started to imagine what it would look like when that finally happens. It feels like kinda sorta starting to maybe get ready to re-open, which feels hopeful. I mean, I have a lot of art work I’ve made recently thatContinue reading “The Shallow End – July 2020”

The Shallow End – June 2020

Hello June! I finally feel like I found a natural rhythm to my work day. I took the pressure off myself to reach specific daily goals, and found that in giving myself that space to follow my intuition instead of a to-do list, I’ve become more productive overall. I’ve been painting and writing nearly everyContinue reading “The Shallow End – June 2020”

The Shallow End – May 2020

Hello May! I hope to reopen my Etsy shop as soon as possible, but more importantly, as soon as reasonable and safe. Unfortunately, I do not believe that is right now. But I appreciate everyone’s patience and support right now. In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on other business-y tasks that I usually don’t makeContinue reading “The Shallow End – May 2020”