The Shallow End – April 2021

Hello April! Shop Update The Countdown to Relaunch is officially on! I’m still trying to carve out some time for other projects and sketching. But honestly, I’ve had nothing BUT time to focus on that stuff for the last year. So I figure it’s probably okay to temporarily shift focus to getting my shop readyContinue reading “The Shallow End – April 2021”

The Shallow End – March 2021

Hello March! This last month I’ve been focusing a lot on productivity– making time to do all the different things I want to work on in my art. Big projects, fancy sketchbooks, practicing new techniques, etc… Lately I’ve adopted a bit of a schedule, balancing different projects throughout the week and splitting my day betweenContinue reading “The Shallow End – March 2021”

The Shallow End – February 2021

Hello February! So, on the one hand, I’ve managed to successfully get back into my weekly routine after taking a bit of time off for the holidays. It’s been really nice, and comforting to know what my work day is going to look like in advance, and setting small daily goals… On the other hand,Continue reading “The Shallow End – February 2021”

Book Review: The Artist’s Way

I haven’t done a book review since college (so definitely not recently!). But, I figured if I am going to read and talk so much about The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at the book now that I’ve (finally) finished it! If you aren’t familiar withContinue reading “Book Review: The Artist’s Way”

The Shallow End – January 2021

Hello January & Happy New Year! As weird as last year was, I tried really hard to cultivate and stick to a weekly routine. But honestly, it’s been pretty nice to just rest the last few weeks. And while normally I’m encouraged to sort of “hit the ground running” this time of year, I’m honestlyContinue reading “The Shallow End – January 2021”

Hindsight – Looking Back on 2020

So I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a review of my artwork from the year… Because despite everything else, I did keep pretty productive. I really tried to fine tune my schedule so I could have a sustainable creative routine. So between that, working through The Artist’s Way (which IContinue reading “Hindsight – Looking Back on 2020”