The Shallow End – December 2021

Hello December! Art 100 figure drawings in 30 days was ambitious… I think I got a third of the way through, but that included a lot of small scribbly pose ideas that weren’t really gesture drawings or very helpful. I quickly realized this was a quality over quantity issue, needing better structured practice, like handContinue reading “The Shallow End – December 2021”

Mosstober 2021 Sketchbook Tour

Finally! A new sketchbook tour! This sketchbook was for the October daily drawing challenge generally known as “Inktober.” Normally I come up with my own theme for the month, but this year I decided to try the prompt list provided by Mossery for their version of the challenge called “Mosstober.” Set Up I thought emojisContinue reading “Mosstober 2021 Sketchbook Tour”

The Shallow End – November 2021

Hello November! SHOP UPDATE In case you missed it, my Etsy shop is open! Check it out here if you haven’t already! So many different kinds of prints are available! Abstracts! Animals! Landscapes! Still life! And more! And while it feels far to early to be thinking about the holidays, it really kind of isn’t…Continue reading “The Shallow End – November 2021”