An Artist’s Statement. Kinda.

What I thought was creative-block was actually a rather quiet imagination. I’m not really a dreamer, unless it’s day-dreaming (I don’t want to say I’ve spent hours staring off into whatever, but… yes, yes I have).

I think sometimes I expect my ideas to be super-complicated and outlandish. How about a…unicorn… riding a leopard… into a volcano… in a lightning storm? …Um, I mean, I guess I could. But probably not gonna happen.

When I’m paying attention, I notice that things that inspire me are fairly simple and calming. I’m drawn towards comfortable, and peaceful. Those are the things I tend to imagine as an artist, and aspire to in my personal life.

So, if you find yourself browsing my work online thinking “geez, this girl really likes flowers and desserts” and wondering if there is something more too it, the answer is: not really. Both of those things are awesome!

I hope I don’t sound defensive of my work. This is more of a super-informal artist’s statement, if anything. (Those were the worst in college by the way. I’m really glad I didn’t get far enough in the art program to have to write one of those! Yuck! (she says, sarcastically)).

But really, I just want to be one of those people on Instagram who lives by the ocean, cuddled up under blankets with tea and flowers and hardcover books, and a sh*t ton of freshly baked cookies. Is that too much to ask? I’ll take that over a crazy technicolor zombie-flamingo wonderland any day (although that sounds pretty cool now that I say it).

One thought on “An Artist’s Statement. Kinda.

  1. Living by the ocean with blankets, books, flowers, tea and cookies sound delightful!!! What a great word picture.
    Looking forward to more of the artwork!


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