The Shallow End – March 2020

Original Photo Credit: Etienne Girardet / Unsplash

Hello March!

I didn’t do a lot of art this last month, admittedly. I spent a lot of time thinking about and figuring out what it takes to keep myself feeling inspired creatively. Some of the more successful approaches surprised me and I plan to talk about it more in depth in my next blog post…

But I did manage to get one painting done! The Rosy Alley (now available on Etsy!). I was really tempted to paint it in true to life colors from our trip to Italy — lots of pale oranges and vibrant greens. But I wanted the piece to be a little more playful than literal, so I decided to do a monochromatic color palette in a bright pink. It was a fun challenge to simplify my palette so much, and I enjoyed working on it a lot. I could see myself doing a bit more of these in the future!

The Rosy Alley

In other news, now that The Good Place is over (so sad, but it ended really well!), I’ve started watching a show that may automatically send me to the Bad Place… I blame Hulu, which kept suggesting it, but I’ve become obsessed with Love Island (the UK version).

It looked pretty bad, and I was certain I’d make it through the first episode of this season and be done. But I was super pleasantly surprised! Two weeks and 30+ episodes later, I’m nearly caught up. I think it’s the season finale this weekend??

Anyway, I couldn’t believe how weirdly positive this show is. Like cheesy American reality TV — a la The Bachelor and Big Brother — but with a “cast” that is as sweet as The Great British Bake Off. There were no real catfights or machismo. There was communication and friendships, silly comedy, and love stories at least as compelling as any others I see on scripted TV. I mean, it’s still cheesy and dumb, but I’m hooked.

But now that the winter season is basically over, I once again find myself not knowing what to watch. Hulu is suggesting Jersey Shore now, but no thank you! 😛

I’m still reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It’s starting to pick up and get very interesting — which means I might finish it this year!

But does anyone else struggle with reading (too) many books at once? I’m always back and forth among a stack of books. My only rule is I can’t overlap genres or there is no hope of keeping it all straight.

I’m a sucker for self-improvement and memoir books. And while I’m not known for being any type of active, I read a lot about health and fitness over the years. I started reading Train Happy by Tally Rye, on a whim, and I basically read it in a weekend. It was so good! It’s definitely a huge shift away from traditional fitness books, but in the best way possible. I never do the fitness plan in a book about fitness, and the same goes for this book — however, I have been so encouraged by her that I’ve been more active this last month that I have in years. Yay!

The book also referenced Beyond Beautiful by Anuschka Rees, and so I had to read that one as well. It’s tangentally related to health and fitness, but was also fascinating. I have both on my short list of books that I’ll be referring back to for the rest of the year. Highly recommend them both!

[Disclaimer: not a medical expert at all, just a book worm, and I don’t plan on changing careers and becoming a fitness blogger so you don’t have to worry about that! 😉 ]

Thanks for joining me at The Shallow End!

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